DeFazio Sponsors ‘Justice in Policing Act’

Rep. Peter DeFazio, this week signed on as an original co-sponsor to the Justice in Policing Act, comprehensive legislation to improve police accountability and change the culture of law enforcement. 

“The Justice in Policing Act is a bold, unprecedented reform bill that will transform the culture, practice and training of policing to address systemic racism and help save lives,” said Rep. DeFazio. “Police brutality and racial profiling have devastated communities, created mistrust between Americans and the public servants sworn to protect them, and, tragically, resulted in countless deaths. This is not what America should be. We can and we must do better.” 

The Justice in Policing Act will take steps to combat the pattern of police brutality and racial injustice in our nation’s law enforcement, including:

  • Prohibiting federal, state, and local law enforcement from racial, religious and discriminatory profiling; 
  • Banning chokeholds, carotid holds and no-knock warrants at the federal level; 
  • Mandating the use of dashboard cameras and body cameras for federal offices and requiring state and local law enforcement to use existing federal funds to ensure the use of police body cameras; 
  • Establishing a National Police Misconduct Registry to prevent problematic officers who are fired or leave on agency from moving to another jurisdiction without any accountability; 
  • Amending federal criminal statute from “willfulness” to a “recklessness” standard to successfully identify and prosecute police misconduct; and, 
  • Improving the use of pattern and practice investigations at the federal level by granting the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division subpoena power and creating a grant program for state attorneys general to develop authority to conduct independent investigations into problematic police departments.