COVID Killing More Than Expected

When the world first heard of this new virus called COVID-19, the science behind the information said that about 1% of the people who became sick would die. That number has been higher worldwide and statewide. 

Worldwide, there are over 77 million cases of COVID-19 and about 1.7 million people have died. This means that this virus is killing ~2.2% of those who contract it.  

As of Monday, Dec. 21, there were 103,755 cases of COVID-19 in the state of Oregon. Of those cases, there have been 1,347 deaths which is a rate of death of ~1.3%. In total, Oregon has performed 2,472,444 tests for the virus, meaning slightly more than 94% of those tests came back negative. Track these numbers at the Oregon Health Department website. 

In Benton County, there have been 1,163 cases – this numbers includes 40 new cases. A total of nine people in Benton County have died due to the coronavirus, which reflects a death rate of ~0.8%. 

Benton County reports zero COVID-19 hospitalizations at this time. However, they note: “We currently report hospitalizations as they apply to new COVID-19 cases. Individuals may be hospitalized after the time of diagnosis, and they are not currently reflected in our daily hospitalization numbers.” To track these numbers, see the Benton County website. 

As for neighboring counties, Linn County has reported 2,353 cases and 31 deaths. This reflects a rate of death of ~1.3%. 

Lincoln County has had 16 deaths and 807 cases, giving them a death rate of ~2%.  

Polk County has seen 24 people die out of 1,750 testing positive. This is a rate of death of ~1.4%. 

Lane County has had 6,247 cases and 81 deaths, giving it a death rate of ~1.3%. 

Marion County has reported 12,610 cases and 195 deaths. This makes their rate of death ~1.6%. 

As the holiday season continues, The Advocate encourages everyone to stay safe, socially distance from one another, wear masks when out in public, and keep those hands clean.  

By Sally K Lehman