COVID-19 Projections

  Covid-19 Math

Oregon could Lose Thousands
This is not the seasonal flu, and you have not been vaccinated against it. COVID-19 is 10 times more likely to kill you than the influenza we have learned to live with over the years. And no one is immune to it yet.

So, here’s the COVID-19 math:

Assume there are 7 billion people on Earth who will be exposed; low estimates say that 40 percent of those people will get this virus. That makes 2.8 billion people that will likely get sick. Of those people, low estimates say that one percent will die, meaning we could lose 28 million people worldwide.

Now, let’s look at Oregon. There are approximately 4.2 million people in the state of Oregon. Applying the same math, we can expect 1.68 million people to catch the virus, and 16,800 deaths.

And bringing it down to Corvallis numbers, we’re looking at about 58,000 people, 23,200 sick, and 232 deaths.

Obviously, these numbers are not written in stone.

There are more than 7 billion humans on our planet, so it is possible that more will become sick. Some estimates say that up to 60 percent of the world’s population will catch this virus, and some say that 3.4 percent of those infected will die. And we could obviously have significantly lower numbers throughout the world, the state, and the city of Corvallis.

By Sally Lehman