COVID-19: County Offers Hotline, Police Offer Prescription Delivery

Corvallis police officers are offering prescriptions deliveries to vulnerable populations, and the county is offering a new COVID-19 hotline. 

County phone bank Essentially set up to answer general questions, the new hotline answers from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The number is (541) 766-6120. After hours, callers can leave a message, and ask for a return phone call.  

When we tried the number, they answered quickly – and responded to our query seeking advice about symptoms with a number for Samaritan Urgent Care. Notably, Samaritan also answered quickly, and the person answering seemed knowledgeable. We would still prefer to see a 24/7 hotline offering triage, but we view the current arrangement as helpful.  

Corvallis police: Joining an initiative with other mid-valley law enforcement agencies, members of the Corvallis Police Department’s Community Livability Unit will help reduce the impact of COVID-19 by delivering prescriptions to City of Corvallis residents who are age 65 or older or have a life-threatening pre-existing medical condition.   

Trevor Anderson, a member of the Community Livability Unit, said, “This program enables at-risk community members to receive essential medications in a timely manner from a trusted delivery resource.”  

The steps to participate are simple: 

  1. Call the pharmacy to order and pay for the prescription (the pharmacy must be in Corvallis to participate)
    2. While on the phone, let the pharmacy know you would like to participate in the CPD prescription delivery program; make sure your pharmacy will allow this.
    3. Visit or call 541-766-6120 to request/coordinate the delivery, to include providing the following information: 
  2. Name
    b. Address
    c. Phone Number
    d. Pharmacy name
    e. Requested prescription(s)
    f.  The date and time your prescriptions will be ready 
  3. Have a photo ID ready so the officer can verify they’re delivering to the right person.

Deliveries can be made between 8am and 4pm on weekdays.