COVID-19 Check-in: Public Livestream with Local Leaders

On Tuesday, Mayor Biff Traber and County Commissioner Xan Augerot will discuss city and county responses to the coronavirus outbreak, and field questions from the public. Both the city and county declared a state of emergency last month – subsequently opening a joint Emergency Operations Center.  

Starting at 6:30 p.m., the livestream will be available at    

Traber and Augerot will be joined by Health Department Co-Directors Danielle Brown and Charlie Fautin, and Fire Chief Ken McCarthy, who is on the leadership team for the Benton County Emergency Operations Center. Moderators will include Corvallis Advocate Editor-in-Chief, Stevie Beisswanger, and the paper’s Publisher, Steven Schultz.  

Attendance is free, and questions can be submitted during the town hall, or beforehand, on The Advocate’s Facebook page, or via email at The town hall will continue for between an hour, and an hour and a quarter. The moderators will ask some initial questions, though the majority of the time is reserved for audience questions.  

This event is presented by The Corvallis Advocate and City Club of Corvallis.