Court Blocks Logging Plan for Mt. Hood

After a long legal battle, the hard work of several Oregon environmentalist groups has convinced the federal court to rule against the Crystal Clear logging project, which would have encompassed almost 12,000 acres of public land on the eastern part of Mount Hood.  

Appellants Bark, Cascadia Wildlands, and Oregon Wild banded together for several years, coming up with several arguments against the logging project. These ranged from arguments that the logging would “likely increase the risk of destructive forest fires,” to highlighting the potential harm that would be done to fish and wildlife because of the project.  

The ruling directly cited the arguments made by these environmentalist groups, stating that the Crystal Clear project had effects that were “highly controversial and uncertain,” and that the potential fire risk and damage to wildlife habitats culminated in the decision to reverse and remand the logging project.  

More details about the court ruling can be found at Oregon Wild’s website.