Corvallis Pet Shelters See Decrease in Intakes, Increase in Adoptions

Representatives of the Oregon Senior Dog Rescue and Heartland Humane Society have both reported a decrease in animal intakes and an increase in pet adoptions during the coronavirus pandemic.   

Amidst COVID-19, the Oregon Senior Dog Rescue is still operating, but is having meet-and-greets between pets and adopters outside of their facility, as well as taking care to utilize PPE.   

The Senior Dog Rescue attributes their decrease in intakes to the fact that fewer people are surrendering their animals because they have more time to focus on their pets. For the same reason, more people are adopting, and the facility is taking care to make sure those who do will be committed to their animals after the stay-at-home order is lifted.   

Fostering is still available at the Oregon Senior Dog Rescue, and any donations are appreciated during these challenging times.   

Heartland Humane Society and the Heartland Humane Society Thrift Shop are temporarily closed to the public due to the pandemic. To slow the spread of the virus, Heartland is scheduling services by appointment, with limits as to how many people can come in a day to minimize traffic.   

Heartland’s intakes are generally down. Their surrender intakes are normal, but they have fewer strays being brought to the shelter, likely as a result of the stay-at-home order. In addition, Heartland normally performs animal transfers to other shelters, but has been unable to do so due to pandemic restrictions. Overall, they also have seen an increase in adoptions, as more people have time to integrate pets into their homes.   

The Heartland Thrift Shop accounts for 30 percent of the business’ total financial income, so donations are much appreciated at this time.   

By Cara Nixon