Corvallis Man Revealed as Tea Party’s Newest Big Donor

A recent analysis of federal campaign finance reports conducted by The Oregonian revealed that a Benton County resident donated $100,000 to a Tea Party super PAC in January of this year.  The last Oregon resident to make a single donation of this size was Nike founder Phil Knight. 

THIS YEAR, IT’S DAVID GORE: The sizeable contribution was offered by David Gore, who along with his wife founded Ashbrook Independent School here in Corvallis in 1993. Gore’s parents started the company that developed Gore-Tex, a waterproof fabric that is a household name amongst consumers of outdoor apparel.  Gore also helped found the Cascade Policy Institute, a Libertarian think tank based in the Portland-area. 

Gore’s donation will surely be appreciated by The Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund, which according to federal filings began the year with $11,200 in cash reserves.  

TEA PARTY SUPPORTS TRUMP: Because of its super PAC status, the group cannot directly contribute to campaigns. The money will likely be put toward buying ads or other such avenues of supporting the group’s preferred candidates, which according to their website includes President Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.   

According to the group’s reports, Gore’s is the largest one-time donation the super PAC has received since July 2018.  

By JD Brookbank