Corvallis Library’s New Home Delivery System

The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library launched a new home delivery service so cardholders can access their collection of books while the library is closed to the public.  

“Since the moment we realized we would be closing our doors for a longer period of time, we have been working towards finding new ways to provide access to library services for our community,” said Library Director Ashlee Chavez. 

Home Delivery 

To opt-in to the service, users must complete a Google Form requesting that the library deliver items from their hold queues as they become available. According to the library’s website, they plan to deliver weekly, as soon as the program is fully up and running. Visit the library’s website for details and to enroll. 

Up until recently, library users only had access to the library’s downloadable and digital resources like eBooks, Kanopy, and Consumer Reports.  

“We know that digital resources are not preferable or accessible for everyone and that the ability to access physical materials was a high priority,” explained Chavez.  

“While it took longer than we had hoped to make delivery services available, we felt that we needed to wait until we had solid information on the safety of library materials before sharing them with the public again. We are now offering services in the safest way possible and we are thrilled about it!” 

Other Services  

According to Chavez the library constantly seeks new ways to meet community needs. For example, they started offering online “Stay at Home Story Time” through their YouTube channel as well as expanding their curation lists of online resources. The library also plans on expanding access to their physical collections as soon as it is safe to do so.  

“We would like to offer curbside services in the future,” Chavez said. “But we need to wait until the Governor’s executive orders allow for that level of service.” 

Library Items at Home 

Until further notice, the library instructs users to keep library materials safe at home, for now, free of overdue fines. the delivery drivers will not pick up the materials when they make deliveries. 

For those who must return items due to relocation or another reason, the library website instructs users to return them through a library branch’s book drop slot. 

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not consider library materials a likely transmission route of infection, the library isolates returned materials for at least 72 hours to ensure safety for their staff.  

By Samantha Sied