Corvallis’ Faith Response to Pandemic Forum Tonight, Panelists Added

For our tonight’s CitySpeak Forum, we ask – how has Corvallis’ faith community been impacted by the pandemic, and what has been their response? Also, two new panelists have been added, Rabbi Phil Bressler of Corvallis’ Beit Am Synagogue, and former Church of Latter Day Saints Bishop Tom Sherry.

Other panelists include: Rev. Jill McAllister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis; Spiritual Director Abby Mushin Terris, Corvallis Zen Circle; Rev. Jen Butler, First Congregational Church of Christ, Corvallis.

Whatever one’s view of spirituality may be, the impact of Corvallis’ faith groups is undeniable. 

These groups weave a tapestry that is rich in the lives of their members, and some of them also offer material assistance to our community’s most marginalized individuals. In these last months, they have needed to reimagine the ‘how’ of all that they do, while also examining and responding to the ‘why’ of all they provide.  

Even as retail and restaurants reopen, some Corvallis faith groups have made the decision to forgo meeting, even to the degree that they now can. Some report they can see circumstances in which they would delay fully reopening, even if the state permits them to.  

Slated for Tuesday, June 2 at 6:30 pm, the livestream will be available on our website and facebook page, and attendance is free. Viewer questions are welcomed before or during the forum – they can be submitted on our facebook post of the live event, or viewers can email  

Corvallis Advocate Editor-in-Chief Stevie Beisswanger will co-moderate with Steve Schultz, the paper’s publisher. CitySpeak Forums are co-produced by The Advocate and City Club of Corvallis.