Corvallis, Eugene Men Accused of Hate Crime, Lying to FBI

Credit: KOIN

Two Oregon men were among four who were indicted for federal hate crimes stemming from allegations of a racially-motivated attack on a Black man at a Lynwood, Washington bar in 2018, according to court documents. 

This past week, FBI agents arrested Daniel Delbert Dorson, 24, of Corvallis and Randy Smith, 38, of Eugene. Prosecutors said Smith was already in custody on unrelated charges. Jason Desimas, 44, of Tacoma, Washington and Jason Stanley, 43, of Boise, Idaho were also charged. The four men face criminal accusations of lying to the FBI about the incident. 

Court documents claim the men participated in attacking a Black man, punching and kicking him until he was injured while “making derogatory comments about his actual and perceived race.”  

The hate crime charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Making false statements to the FBI could result in a five-year sentence. 

Dorson is accused of falsely claiming to the FBI that he did not plan to attend a white supremacist’s “Martyr’s Day” event in Washington, and also that he did not own a so-called flight jacket that is commonly associated with white supremacy hate groups, saying it was borrowed.  

Smith allegedly lied about how he bloodied his knuckles. Desimas is said to have falsely claimed that no racial slurs were used during the assault, and Stanley is accused lying about being in Washington on the date of the assault.  

Dorson’s Criminal History  

In 2014, a then-18 Dorson was sentenced to five years in prison after smashing his skateboard over the head of a 70-year-old store employee in Portland. He refused to apologize during his plea and sentencing for attempted second-degree assault. The elderly employee was hospitalized and suffered lasting health impacts from the attack.  

“What I’m guilty of is defending my own,” said Dorson, who lived on the streets with other youth at the time of the attack, according to The Oregonian. “That’s it. That’s all I have to say. I was defending my own.” 

The victim, a Portland Outdoor Store employee of more than 30 years, was trying to hose off a sidewalk. He asked a group of kids to move, but they said it was public property and they didn’t have to go, and an argument ensued. The employee suffered a bloody gash and swelling to his head after Dorson hit him with a skateboard. A co-worker reportedly said he thought the victim passed out for about 20 seconds. 

Dorson’s defense was claiming that the employee had pushed his girlfriend, which was disputed. Three months after the assault, police found Dorson in California, arresting him for second-degree assault. He reportedly said he had been using drugs before the attack and hadn’t slept for a few days. 

By Cody Mann