Corvallis’ Cutthroat Cakes: Revolutionizing Baked Goods 

A cake trend has emerged on social media, tricking the minds of audiences around the globe.    

Dubbed “everything is cake,” this new wave of advanced bakers is creating  hyper-realistic cakes – resembling anything from water bottles and toilet paper to makeup palettes and pumpkins. The creators then record cutting into the object, revealing it to be cake.    

This reportedly started at a Turkish bakery, Red Rose Cake Tuba Geckil, and has become a worldwide sensation, inspiring one talented baker in Corvallis.   

Tim Paul Jr. of Cutthroat Cakes has been crafty and artistic for as long as he can remember. Growing up, he loved to bake for family members and to watch his favorite show – Ace of Cakes on Food Network. That show was life-changing for Paul and led him to aspire to become a cake artist.   

For the past six months, Paul has been working out of his home, making strides toward his own baking business, constantly improving his craft – even making contact with Food Network casting agents. As part of the “everything is cake” trend, he has been creating and selling hyper-realistic toilet paper cakes.    

Paul’s cake style is inspired by his interests in horror movies, gore, and rock music. His favorite cake he has ever made was based on Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies – including the Bride’s death list and one beautiful blue eyeball.    

“My main thing is the cakes, but I love making all sweets,” Paul says. “I make custom fondant cookies with any face you can think of. I also started making and shipping cakes in a jar for people that aren’t in Oregon and are interested in my product and my style.”  

As Paul’s business begins to grow in Corvallis, he reflects on the journey to following his passion. He grew up in a strict southern home with a strict father who disapproved of his dream baking professionally.   

“When I told him I wanted to be a cake artist he laughed in my face,” Paul said.  

He put his dreams of being a cake artist on the back burner for a long time. Now, Paul encourages other young creatives to go for what they want, even if it seems silly or unrealistic to others.    

“No matter what it Is you want to do in life, go for it,” he said. “Don’t be embarrassed if it’s not the ‘norm’ – be proud of your dreams.”  

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By Cara Nixon