Corvallis Businesses Brace for Financial Hit Without Football

Beaver football not only brings in revenue for the university, but for the entire Corvallis community and its businesses. Without the six to seven weeks of the sport this fall, businesses are projected to take a considerable financial hit.   

Information reported by OregonLive from Visit Corvallis says Corvallis has 981 hotel rooms – during football season, the hotels occupancy is between 73-95 percent, and during non-football season between 40-60 percent. Hotel rates go down as much as 50 percent during football’s off season. Corvallis’ hotels have already suffered a $5 million loss in revenue from April to June due to the pandemic, and can expect to see those loses increase this fall.   

COVID-19 has also had a hand in negatively impacting Corvallis’ businesses. Restaurants are seeing the effects of the pandemic, and a lack of football season will add to the impact – especially to those located near campus, where many visitors will eat before and after games.   

Cloud Davidson, owner of near-campus hot spots The Downward Dog and Bombs Away, among other businesses, told OregonLive, “Less events means less people and of course that means less revenue.”  

Benton County Fairgrounds, though it has had to cancel many of the events it usually hosts, has had some financial success with their RV parking spaces this summer, primarily because people have been utilizing them as a safer option for lodging during the pandemic. Hopefully, this will help the Fairgrounds as they face the fall, which is projected to provide less than the normal amount of out-of-town parking fees with no football season.    

By Cara Nixon