Coronavirus Hospitalizations Reach New Low in Oregon

As of May 3, Oregon’s coronavirus hospitalizations has hit a new low, with a total of 92 active hospitalizations related to the virus. This a drop of more than 40% from the previous report of 156 coronavirus hospitalizations on April 8.   

The number was at 128 last Sunday, April 26, and has now dropped by 36 a week later.   

These declining hospitalizations are promising, and show that many Oregonians are working to flatten the curve. Additionally, it means that our hospitals are not being overrun by coronavirus cases, which was a substantial concern.   

Despite this good news, the Oregon Health Authority has reported a total of 22 deaths since April 26, with 17 of the individuals being hospitalized for the illness. These deaths were a substantial contributor to the drop in active hospitalizations. Among those currently hospitalized, 33 are in intensive care and 18 require ventilators.   

Oregon still stands as one of the states with the lowest infection rates in the U.S. 598 Oregonians have been hospitalized since February 28, and of the 2,680 who have tested positive for coronavirus, 109 have died.   

In Benton County, there have been 32 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and 5 deaths.  

By Cara Nixon