Contact Tracers of Benton County, Series Starts Monday

Starting Monday, May 11, The Advocate brings you a three part series on the contact tracers of Benton County. These are the investigators tasked with stemming the transmission of communicable diseases, like COVID-19.  

On Monday, you will learn the county’s health department has ramped up their capacity to meet the challenge of the current circumstance, and the framework along which their investigators will operate. You’ll also discover that Benton County has a long history of being at the forefront of combating pandemics.  

Tuesday brings you into the contact tracer’s world. You’ll gain a sense of what makes them tick, and what they have to think about. You will experience what the conversation is like. For Wednesday, we’ll broaden the scope to consider how technology could help, and some of the obstacles to those advances. 

As always, we at The Advocate, wish you good health.