Coasting for COVID: 14-Year-Old to Skate 345 Miles of Oregon Coast

At the age of fourteen, Ava Chandler plans to ride her electric skateboard down the 345 miles of the coastal highway from Astoria to Brookings in six days to raise $25,000 for the Oregon Food Bank.  

Chandler knows what it’s like to have to depend on her neighbors to survive. A few years ago, her father was laid off from his job, and her own family was in dire straits.  

“It’s just that you really realize the different situations people can be in, whether that’s getting laid off from their job. They can’t put food on the table, so I really wanted to play my part and say, ‘Hey, I want to get money for you guys,’” Chandler told KOIN-TV.  

With her father’s support, Ava began calling companies and promoting her idea on the Internet, and soon she was receiving sponsorship and offers of supplies from businesses like Dutch Bros., Coffee, Evolve Skateboards, and ROAMERICA.   

At some point, it all became real to Chandler: “When we started talking to all these people, entrepreneurs, companies, I then realized, wow. We are doing this. This is happening.”  

“I’m just glad I can help,” she told KOIN.  

Chandler’s ride begins in Astoria on June 27. Follow her trip down the coast here, or view her videos on Instagram 

John M. Burt