CitySpeak Livestream: Homeless in Corvallis, 2020 Changes

Help for the unhoused has changed in Corvallis this last year, and next week the people behind those changes will appear on CitySpeak to field questions from the public. 

The county has, for at least the third time in five years, reorganized its advisory board that works on homeless issues, now called the Housing, Opportunity Planning and Equity advisory board, or HOPE. How is this new board different, and how will it make changes where others failed.  

Panelists include: 

Xan Augerot – Benton County Commissioner  
Biff Traber – Corvallis Mayor  
Julie Arena – H.O.P.E. Program Coordinator, Benton County Health Department
Andrea Myhre – Executive Director, Corvallis Housing First
Ann Craig – Executve Director, Jackson Street Youth Services
Sara Hartstein – Health Communities Division Manager, Benton County
Paulina Kaiser Director of Health Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Samaritan Health Services
Shawn Collins Executive Director, Unity Shelter
Ben Danley Executive Director, Community Outreach, Inc.
Dina Eldridge Housing Services Manager, Community Services Consortium
Shane Bertrand – Corvallis Housing First Client