City of Corvallis Offers Low Income Assistance

Applications are now being accepted by the City of Corvallis for a new low-income assistance program aimed at helping residents of the city pay their City Services Bills.   

Accepted applicants will receive a credit of up to $25 to help pay their monthly bills owed to the City. The actual credit may be less than $25, as the amount will be based on how many applicants are accepted. The program will be funded through a surcharge of 35-cents applied to all billing customers beginning in January 2021.   

According to the city’s website, eligible customers must reside in a single-family home within the city limits, pay city services bills for the home, and participate in one of the following: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Oregon Health Plan, or the free and reduced lunch program through the Corvallis School District.   

Eligible applications received by Dec. 1, 2020 will receive assistance with January’s bills, and those who submit applications after Dec. 1 will need to wait a month for processing before receiving assistance. Applicants must resubmit an application every year.    

In order to apply for the program, visit the Bill Assistance Website or call 541-766-6949  

By Kyra Young 

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