Chintimini Wildlife Center Buys Land, Looks Forward

For more than 30 years, Chintimini Wildlife Center has operated at its current location on Lewisburg Avenue,  just north of Corvallis.  In January 2020, with their purchase of the property, the organization secured that location as its permanent home.  

The 9.4-acre parcel was purchased from Jeff and Rebecca Picton. A generous $50,000 bequest received in 2019 helped the Center make a sizable down payment and the remaining balance was financed with One-Forty Six, LLC. 

ONE REASON THIS IMPORTANT FOR THE CENTER. “We’ve operated here since our founding three decades ago. In many ways, this property is part of our organization’s living history. Much of the foliage here today were planted by our founder. We’ve also developed critical infrastructure that is needed to operate a wildlife hospital, so it was important for us to secure this property for the foreseeable future,” says Sarah Spangler, Executive Director. 

ANOTHER IMPORTANT REASON. One goal of the property acquisition was to help the Center maintain its current programs. However, it also provides the opportunity for further expansion of the Center’s education activities. The long-term goal is to operate an Education Center and gift shop with regular visitor hours. Visitors will be able to experience self-guided tours through trails lined with interpretive displays and animal exhibits. 

 “All of these future plans will help us further our mission of protecting and celebrating wildlife while strengthening our financial means. We see no signs that the wildlife in our community will stop needing our help – in fact, we see the opposite,” says Spangler, citing the Center’s nearly 2,300 patient count for 2019, up from about 1,900 the previous year. “We’re aiming to be there to support wildlife today and every day, for as long as we’re needed. Securing a permanent location was an important milestone in achieving that goal.”