Cascade BBQ’s “Smoke the Vote” Event Encourages Voter Turnout in Corvallis

With the November election a few months away and concerns rising about voter turnout, one Corvallis business has employed a tactic that is encouraging community members to make their voices heard.   

Cascade BBQ, located on 2575 NW Kings Blvd., came to Corvallis in 2019. Since its arrival, the restaurant/marketplace hybrid has been providing the public with various smoked meats, a selection of wine and beer, and more. Now, Cascade BBQ is also helping locals register to vote with their “Smoke the Vote” events.   

A play on MTV’s Rock the Vote, Smoke the Vote was created as a way to get the community involved with voting in a more accessible, fun way. At these events, the public can come to Cascade BBQ, register to vote, and earn 10% off their purchase.   

With it being an election year, I thought it was only right to get active and get involved,” Cascade BBQ owner Eric Howitt said. “Over the last few elections, it is becoming more and more clear that every vote counts no matter your affiliation to party.”  

Howitt is hoping that these events will help with voter turnout, which has been a point of concern lately with the pandemic and USPS warning about their inability to deliver ballots on time for the general election.   

Due to COVID-19, masks are required at these events and sanitation is being taken seriously.   

“Everything that we do is based on safety, science, and messaging from medical experts,” Howitt said. “I want people to feel safe coming here no matter what it is – eating, drinking, or registering to vote.”  

Cascade BBQ’s next Smoke the Vote event is happening on Sept. 19.   

“It is all about being a good neighbor and being an active participant in the community,” Howitt said.   

Cascade BBQ is open for dine-in, take out, curbside pickup, and now offers delivery through Munchy’s.   

By Cara Nixon