Business Groups Sue Governor Over Carbon Reduction Order 

A coalition of Oregon trade and business groups has filed a lawsuit claiming that Gov. Kate Brown overstepped her authority with the March executive order mandating greenhouse gas emissions.  

Plaintiffs in the case include Oregon Business & Industry, the Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Manufacturers and Commerce, Oregon Forest & Industries Council, and the Oregon Trucking Association. In addition, three individual businesses joined.  

In March, Brown issued an executive order after a Republican legislative walkout stopped Senate Bill 1530. In March, OPB reported: “It contains ambitions that are at once equal to and much broader than that bill.”   

The goal was an 80 percent reduction in Oregon’s greenhouse gas output by the year 2050. The industrial, transportation, and other sectors would face emissions caps and gradually phased reductions overseen by the state’s Environmental Quality Commission.  

The executive order was in response to Republican walkouts in 2019 and 2020 that prevented the quorum Democrats needed to hold a vote and ultimately pass their carbon proposal.