Benton County Outpaces Most of the State in Unofficial Voter Turnout

With Election Day looming just one week from today, Benton County voters are making sure their voices are heard. According to the Unofficial Voter Turnout report on the county website, 59.06% of ballots have been returned for the 2020 general election. There are currently 60,626 eligible voters within Benton County, of which 35,807 Ballots have been accepted.   

In related news, according to an document, Benton County has returned 33,691 of 60,591 ballots meaning 55.6% have been returned. While these two sources aren’t entirely in agreement, the good news is that in either case, over 50% of ballots in Benton County have been returned.   

According to the state document, there are 26,963 eligible democrats of which 18,587 ballots have been received. 6,599 republican ballots have been received of the 13,076 registered voters.   

As far as other counties go, Curry County has submitted the highest percentage of ballots at 55.9% according to the state document, while Josephine is at the lowest participation so far with 36.4%. Statewide, there are almost 2 million eligible voters, and 46.5% of ballots have been turned in.   

Voters in Benton County have until election day, Nov. 3, to turn in their ballots. Ballots can be dropped off at one of 17 drop boxes around the county. Locations of drop boxes can be found here. Voters should remember to follow all instructions on the ballot itself to ensure their vote is counted, and remember to sign the back of the ballot envelope with a signature that matches their signature on other governmental documents.   

By Kyra Young