Benton County Confirms 12 Coronavirus Cases, Includes OSU Student

As of Monday, March 30, there are now twelve Benton County residents that tested positive for COVID-19. This includes six additional cases that were reported over the weekend and this morning. One of the new cases is an Oregon State University student under the age of 21.  

On Saturday, March 28, Oregon State University was informed that a student at the Corvallis location has tested positive for coronavirus. The student, who was tested on March 16, self-isolated and has been reported to now be asymptomatic and doing well. Oregon State will be working with the Benton County Health Department communicable disease team in a standard case investigation to find out if the student may have exposed other students or community members.   

As of today, Oregon has confirmed 606 coronavirus cases. Overall, there have been 16 deaths linked to COVID-19 in the state of Oregon.  

By Cara Nixon