Ava Carey Still Missing

Ava Carey left her Corvallis home Thursday, Aug. 20, and hasn’t returned. People in the community have been helping her family, and the police search as far as the California border and up through Washington state. Hotels, gas stations, mini-marts, campgrounds, rest areas – anywhere a person can think of looking, they are looking. 

Think about your own family. If you have children, then it’s easy enough to imagine being Cecelia Carey, Ava’s mom. If you don’t have your own kids, imagine your brother or sister went missing in this manner. No siblings? Imagine being the kid who is lost and scared and, hopefully, alone. 

Don’t let the fact that we’ve been told she’s on the autistic spectrum make you think that Ava Carey is not deserving of our time and effort. Every child is deserving of your compassion and protection. 

So, how can you help? To begin with, go to BringAvaHome.com and click on the How To Help link. You can print out flyers and put them up around your area of town.  You could donate money to help others print flyers. And keep your phone on you so you can call the police tip line at 541-766-6924 or call 911 if you see anything that might help. 

Also, the Corvallis Police Department has an online tip form at corvallisoregon.gov/tips. 

One last thing: please do not spread misinformation. Ava is not helped out by rumors, so make sure anything you say to others is from a reliable source. 

Ava has a large, loving family. They are incredibly worried about her. 

By Sally K Lehman