Audio on Demand, Macbeth: An Immersive Audio Drama Production

Bard in the Quad returns in 2020 with a downloadable “Bard in Your Yard” audio drama production of William Shakespeare’s haunting tragedy, Macbeth. This immersive audio experience will be available for download on all major podcast platforms through OSU Theatre’s Dam the Distance podcast feed starting August 14. Bard in the Quad is made possible through the support of the Memorial Union and Block-15.
Brave Macbeth is rewarded handsomely by King Duncan with a new title and lands after a glorious victory on the battlefield. Fate and Macbeth’s own ambition, however, compel the would-be hero to conspire with his ruthless wife against the King to take the crown for himself. Based on the brutal power-struggles of 11th century Scotland, this action-packed drama of intrigue, murder, and magic has compelled audiences for centuries.
Directed by Elizabeth Helman with an original score by Alyson Fewless and immersive sound design by OSU student Joshua Gassaway, Macbeth continues Bard in the Quad’s summer tradition for its fifteenth season temporarily adjusted for the current bans on public performances. “Although we love the dynamic physical challenges of performing Shakespeare live, this medium allows our cast, crew, and audiences to experience this story in a new way,” Helman comments. “We’ve been able to bring together a twenty-five person cast, many of them joining us from out of state and even out of the country. It’s been a bit of a Bard family reunion. I hope that our audiences will download the production, set up a speaker, spread a blanket, throw something on the grill, and experience this epic story on a warm summer night with close friends and family in the comfort of their own backyards.”
The cast includes OSU students Rina Alvarez (Lady in Waiting/Hecate), Libby Brennan (Witch), Keegan Dittmer (Murderer), Alessandra Ferriso (Lady Macduff), Noah Fox (Macdonwald/Porter/Doctor), Srimanyu Ganapathineedi (Sergeant/Attendant/Lord), AJ Glessner (Young Siward/Murderer), Brittany Greener (Witch), Natalie Harris (Macduff’s Son/Apparition), Leah Kahn (Fleance/Apparition), Thomas R. McKean (Lennox), Kian Mitchell (Banquo), Hannah Schwartz (Lady Macbeth), and Joshua Smith (Donalbain). OSU alumns Rue Dickey (Murderer), Lindsey Esch (Witch), Cole Haenggi (Macbeth), Alexander Johnston (Malcolm), and Jackson Lango (Menteith) join the cast with community members Daniel Barber (Duncan/Caithness/Apparition), Charlotte Headrick (Hecate), Adam Keenan (Ross), Kelly Oristano (Siward), Harriet Owen (Seyton/Hecate), and Jonathan Thompson (Macduff)
Virtual tickets are available for purchase at – patrons can name their own price to help support the work of OSU Theatre during this challenging time. The full audio drama production will be available August 14 for download through OSU Theatre’s Dam the Distance podcast feed which can be found through the Bard in the Quad website, Apple podcasts, and all major podcast platforms.