ASOSU Election: Bribers Drop Out, Winners Announced

The Associated Student Body of Oregon State University (ASOSU) recently held elections to vote for new students for multiple student government positions, including for president and vice president.   

On February 16, the ASOSU Elections Committee received information that one of the presidential candidates, Jack Hill, had allegedly tried to bribe another candidate, Dylan Perfect, with a reimbursement for the money spent on his campaign if he and his running mate dropped out of the race.   

Hill was given the chance to defend himself at a hearing with the Elections Committee on February 20. However, the committee decided that his actions were a major campaign violation and he and his running mate, Gretchen Fujimura, were found guilty. Hill and Fujimura appealed once again on February 21, but were found guilty once more. ASOSU was forced to withhold the results for the presidential campaign until the Judicial Council made a ruling.   

Wednesday, February 26, Hill and Fujimura ultimately dropped the appeal, and the Elections Committee was able to announce results. The confirmed winners are Isabel Nuñez Pérez for president-elect and Metzin Rodriguez for vice president-elect.   

By Cara Nixon