Another Toilet Paper Run? Corvallis Stores Were Ready

With the two week freeze on businesses and gatherings put in place by Gov. Kate Brown, where can Corvallisites find the things they need for day-to-day living? We contacted several grocery stores in town. What’s in short supply? Are there quantity restrictions on certain items? How many people will be in the store with you? 

Starting with a Pacific Northwest staple, Fred Meyer is not seeing shortages at this time, and are therefore not setting any restrictions on quantities. They are limiting the number of people in the store to the same numbers they’ve had since March. 

Safeway has had an ongoing shortage of bath tissue and cleaning supplies since the outbreak of the pandemic. Because of that, they are limiting customers to one package of bath tissue and two cleaning supplies. They have maintained the first hours of operation on Tuesdays and Thursdays for people at high risk of catching the coronavirus, and are limiting the number of people in the store to 75% of normal capacity. An Advocate reporter checked three stores Monday night for toilet paper supplies, including the Safeway on Circle Blvd. where our staffer reports almost full shelves of brands that don’t advertise much and store brands. 

Winco has seen their shelves fill again and sees no shortages to date. They are limiting quantities of bath tissue to two packages per customer, as well as limiting some canned foods which are used in Thanksgiving menus to four cans per customer. As per state guidelines, Winco is limiting occupancy to 75% of capacity. On visiting this supermarket, our reporter found the toilet paper shelves about half full with low price and upmarket brands, and only a sparse selection of midrange brands. 

While Natural Grocers is no longer seeing empty shelves for the moment, they are limiting quantities to ensure there is enough for all. Expect limits on bath tissue, cleaning supplies, and bulk rice bags. Due to the smaller size of their store, you can expect to be counted at the door – 75% of capacity means only 74 customers can be in Natural Grocers at one time. 

Retail giant Wal-Mart has not seen shortages again; however, they are limiting customers to one package of bath tissue and one cleaning product. They will also resume counting people at the door to maintain safe social distancing. 

Trader Joe’s also has full shelves for the moment, and therefore has no restrictions on quantities. They are limiting capacity to 75%. 

Market of Choice had not responded by press time. Our reporter noted their toilet paper shelves were filled with unfamiliar brands, some at what appeared to be a reasonable price, and others that were clearly upmarket. 

By Sally K Lehman