Advocate Takes Financial Blow During Pandemic

A Call for Help Amid COVID-19

Advocate Takes Severe Financial Blow

Put simply, you’ve seen us do the work to transform The Advocate these last several months, and in the face of COVID-19, we need your help.

Eighty-five percent of our revenue comes from advertisers seeking ticket sales and customers willing to walk into a shop. The necessary public health response to COVID-19 has cost our advertisers dearly, and many have had no choice but to pull their ads for the moment. Up to early last week, we were finally seeing revenue growth – but by the end of last week, it had plummeted overnight.

The threat to the paper is existential, and it comes precisely at the time when our shared community needs our reporting and analysis most. In the midst of this fast moving community health challenge, there are local and state elections approaching, and the only other local news source has endorsed Knute Buehler for governor. This year, they reported the cap-and-trade bill would harshly impact Oregon’s rural counties – leaving out the fact that the bill quite literally exempted rural counties.

We do want to keep doing this work, and we think it’s necessary. But, only you can help us now.

If you have the resources, please do give generously. Or, if you’re on a local non-profit board, please also ask the organization to donate generously. We love the thank-you notes when our stories score a non-profit a five-digit donor, but today, it’s us that needs your help.

Likewise, if you’re making advertising decisions for a business unlikely to be severely impacted by COVID-19, let us show you why shifting your ad spend towards The Advocate makes fantastically good business sense. Find out why others have been shifting their dollars to this paper, and invest 10 minutes in talking with us.

We still need your subscription, but the rationale also transcends money. When you subscribe, you’re paying for what you consume, which all of us should be doing. But something else also happens when you subscribe, it tells us you’re noticing what we do and appreciate it – and some days we really do need that, more than you think.

Subscriptions can be had for either $5, $10, or $15 monthly, depending on how you like to access our work. You can also donate, over and above, if you are able.

Donate or subscribe on our website or through the form on page 2. Contact us about advertising at

By Kevin Davenport-Rackham