Advocate Resolutions , 2020

Rebuilding Real Corvallis Journalism
Thanks for 2019, Aspirations for 2020

We at The Advocate are hungrily hopeful as we embark on this new year, seeking to deepen the hyper-locality of our coverage, while adding more online daily stories over a wider swath of subject matter. We are thankful to all those who have supported us over the last couple of years, during a period of growth and change wherein we strengthened our content and community services.

One of our goal’s this year is to have more local reporters covering a larger range of subject matter. We believe there is a need for more boots on the ground in local government meetings and the courts – and equally, that those boots need to walk alongside the voiceless and oppressed. We also seek to increase our coverage of local business, culture, and arts and entertainment.

Think of it this way: We all have neighbors that are cleaning our parks, teaching our kids – taking care of our shared community in any number of ways. At The Advocate, our job is to tell stories that wouldn’t otherwise be told and to gather information for dissemination that would otherwise remain impossibly scattered across our community. We seek to build a common fund of facts and a foundation for thoughtful dialogue.

We endeavor to produce both traditional and non-traditional journalism, gripping readers with stories that get to the point, offer the nuances, and say what needs to be said. Exactly what a news organization should be doing. However, it takes strong editorship and skilled people taking real time to do it right.

Even as we look forward, we turn an eye to last year, when just a few individuals came alongside us to fund a vision that was in its infancy at the time. Together, they made possible our online daily news service, our free CitySpeak forums, and deepened print publication – a testament to what just a few caring people can do.

Adding stories in print and online means we need more subscribers and donors. If you find yourself regularly reading our coverage, or using our extensive events calendar, consider supporting us with a subscription or donation.

The Numbers
Currently, we are funded at about $7,000 monthly. With all that we’re already doing, imagine what could be done with another $7,000 each month. Our online subscription special makes the prospect especially affordable. We also welcome donations above and beyond our subscription rates.

Our goal is to resuscitate real Corvallis journalism, with our dynamic team and resources – knowing that a small group can make a meaningful difference.