Your Voice is Our Voice

We at The Corvallis Advocate extend our most sincere gratitude to all who have come out in support of us in 2018. Words cannot express our appreciation for the many hands that have been extended by our local community, as we continue fighting the current that has sunk so many alt weeklies all over the country this last year.

Reader contributions have literally kept this paper afloat in 2018. Without the funds we’ve raised, maintaining our current staff and quality of writing would be impossible. Because of these generous donations, our writers have been able to produce stories on important topics such as native land restoration, local homelessness, hate groups news and statistics, endangered wildlife and world-leading climate activists, immigration myths and facts, artist profiles, and other interviews with the local leaders speaking their truth and seeking positive change in the community.

We are proud to say our reporting has helped area non-profits in need, in some instances netting them thousands of dollars with just one story. Our events have likewise been tailored to the needs of our community. In December, we brought together thirteen local non-profits for a night of fundraising and volunteer recruitment. Over September and October, we hosted debates in seven races for elective office, and our Storytelling Nights regularly bring together a diversity of Corvallisites from all walks of life. Upcoming, our CitySpeak series will present an evening concerning climate change, with others to follow, focused on varying critical topics.

Important upgrades to our events calendar and website were also made possible this year through the support of readers like you, while support from businesses continues to help us retire legacy debt.

Help Us Write the Next Chapter
If you can contribute just $20 monthly, you can change the face of journalism. While budget-cutting newspaper chains continue to lay off news staff in order to satisfy investors, you could put The Advocate in a position to instead hire at fairer starting wages than many dailies. This would be a new chapter at this paper, and would set our community apart from national trends.

Our reporting staff is already larger and more diverse than that of any other local news organization; the problem is that our reporters have to support themselves with other jobs to be here. We’d like to hire some of them full time, as well as recruit at least two hires from the surrounding area so that we can assure further diversity. With these hires, we would be able to offer the deepest and most varied reporting of any local source.

Given the experiences of other media organizations with donors, and Corvallis’ unique demographics, we believe you can do this, Corvallis. Unquestionably, we cannot do it without you.

Help Us Stay Free
Even a contribution of only $10 monthly means 66 people get a free copy of The Advocate, which is important for people that cannot afford Internet access. Reporting on services for low income and homeless people last year, we learned The Advocate is often the only source of community news and information for some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Help Us Help You
For a community to thrive, it needs awareness of even its darkest recesses, and it needs facts. Uncounted sexual assault survivors come to this paper for help because of our staff, and you our dear readers, have cried with us as we’ve reported the system of neglect that fails to get victims’ most basic needs met, or even acknowledge that they exist. As it is with other topics worth fighting for, we will keep reporting on this until that system changes.

For example, checking the math behind Knute Buehler’s homelessness plan seemed a given to us back in October, but no other local news organization bothered. To be honest, it only took us fifteen minutes to compare his plan with Brown’s, and it probably took readers less than a minute to read. We consider our public voice to be a great responsibility, and will always critically consider Corvallis when coming up against movements, whether they be local, regional, or national.

Of course, we  also love reporting on the myriad of locals perpetrating great acts of awesomeness around this town. From public servants to performers, and from artists to restaurateurs, it is perhaps their stories that impact the community the most. We count ourselves fortunate to be here, and again thank you for your support.

Considering contributing to our cause?  The snail mail form is on page 2, but you can also click the Support link on for more options. Stay tuned as we further define our sustainability model, and add easier resources for donating, such as Patreon.