White Supremacist Oswalt Faces New Charges

Local white supremacist and convicted hate criminal Andrew Oswalt has been brought up on new charges; he will be arraigned on Monday, March 25. 

The new charges stem from an incident that occurred roughly one month after Oswalt attached racial slur-laden bumper stickers to cars belonging to members of the local social justice advocacy group Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). According to the Benton County DA’s office, Oswalt targeted one of the same victims of his previous crime. 

Oswalt is being charged with second degree criminal mischief for damaging a yard sign reading “No matter where you’re from, we’re glad that you’re our neighbor,” in three different languages. The damaged sign was found on a vehicle belonging to one of the social justice advocates that Oswalt has previously targeted with the racist bumper stickers, according to the DA’s office. Since Oswalt has not yet been arraigned, the Benton County DA is waiting to release further details of the case in court. 

Oswalt has publicly endorsed racist notions such as a white ethno-state and eugenics, and has expressed belief in Nazi-esque, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He has also been connected with Springfield white supremacist “Genocide” Jimmy Marr, and has participated in some of Marr’s various propaganda spreading activities, including racist flierings and banner drops. If Oswalt’s new charge sticks, it will show that he targeted and repeatedly harassed racial justice advocates within this community. 

-By Jay Sharpe