White Bengal Tiger Surgery At OSU, Successful

Nora, a 17-year-old white Bengal tiger currently living at the WildCat Ridge Sanctuary in Mollala, OR, was recently brought to OSU’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine for diagnosis and emergency surgery, after she was unable to be diagnosed at other facilities. 

OSU veterinary surgeon Dr. Katy Townsend said the team had concerns about Nora’s size and their ability to safely anesthetize her, given the college normally works with smaller animals. Luckily, a CT scan (formerly known as CAT scans) and the assistance of a reproductive specialist revealed the problem: pyometra, a potentially fatal infection of the uterus. Large female felines in captivity generally have between a 5 – 17% chance of developing this kind of infection. 

Dr. Townsend, along with Drs. Marianne Pan, Ronald Mandsager and Lea Mehrkens performed a  ovariohysterectomy on Nora, removing all of her reproductive organs. The surgery was successful, and Nora is now back at the sanctuary and “recovering rapidly.” 

WildCat Ridge is raising funds to pay for Nora’s surgery. If you’d like to contribute or learn more about Nora and the other cats at the sanctuary, please visit https://wildcatridgesanctuary.org/. 

-By Ian MacRonald