Where Oregon’s Congressional Delegation Stands on Impeachment

Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House would take up a formal impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump. Many political analysts believe the move could have the unintended consequence of galvanizing Republicans that may have crossed party lines in next year’s election — but equally see Pelosi as no longer able to resist initiating the proceeding, given two thirds of House Democrats now want it.

As Rep. Peter DeFazio, who represents much of the Mid-Valley, including Corvallis, said in a Tuesday statement, “I am in full support of Speaker Pelosi’s announcement today that the House will move forward with a formal impeachment inquiry. The integrity of our national security and the health of our democratic republic depend on it.”

In fact, most of Oregon’s congressional delegation support an impeachment investigation.

Tuesday, Portland’s Rep. Earl Blumenauer, tweeted, “I was one of the very first in Congress to support it.” Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, also from Portland, has been on record calling for an impeachment investigation since may.

At press time, Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader had not taken a stand. Neither had Oregon’s only Republican Congressman, Greg Walden.

Where Oregon’s Senators Stand

Both of Oregon’s Senators are Democrats, and they support an impeachment inquiry .

“Beginning impeachment proceedings is not an action to be taken lightly,” Sen. Merkley said Tuesday in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the gravity and extent of President Trump’s corrupt actions makes it absolutely clear that Congress must do so. President Trump has repeatedly and flagrantly violated his oath of office and disgraced the office of the presidency. Holding foreign aid hostage until a foreign leader agrees to smear a political opponent is textbook corruption, plain and simple.”

Also on Tuesday, Sen. Ron Wyden tweeted, “What the House of Representatives did by opening an impeachment inquiry is essential to protecting the well-being of the country.”

By Andy Thompson