What Advocate Donations Are Doing

Readers like you make The Advocate possible, and we are deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve this community we all love. Also, we think we should be keeping you up on what we’ve been doing — a short report to our current supporters, and readers that may be thinking about helping.

In the last few weeks, you’ve seen our public events calendar significantly increase its size and scope, and we’ve been able to add news coverage too. The Weekly Churn catches readers up on the last week’s worth of news, and we’ve added some realtime coverage online, almost daily. We’ve also found space to add Letters to the Editor each week, which has been a long-term goal. 

Also, don’t think we forgot how to have fun, This week, we offer readers a guide to snowy goodness as well as the satirical Oregon Backwash, alongside news and serious opinion.

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We can do more, and definitely want to. Regular readers know we do deep investigative pieces regularly, the types of stories other local outlets just don’t offer. Our readers also know our reporters practically take a vow of poverty and overwork to be at The Advocate.

If you value The Advocate, and are willing to join us in adding expanded news services for our community, and making this a fairer shake for our reporters that are doing the work, please consider pledging. Committing to $20 or more monthly helps us to anticipate what we can budget for our reporters, but we also ask that you only do what you can.

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