Vape Manufacturers Sued by U of O Student

The controversy surrounding vaping in the state of Oregon continues, as a student at the University of Oregon has filed a class action lawsuit against vape manufacturer Juul.  

The plaintiff, Kewmarse Imani, argues that Juul did not provide adequate health warnings for their product. In the suit, Imani states that he was unaware of the amount of nicotine contained in Juul when he began using it in 2018. He has since become addicted to the substance, suffered from seizures, and brain damage as a result.  

Tobacco company Altria, a major shareholder in Juul, is also named as a defendant. The company is accused of “providing marketing for JUUL despite knowing that JUUL electronic cigarettes were used largely by a youthful market.”  

The suit makes comparisons between Juul and Altria’s marketing strategies and those employed by “Big Tobacco” in the 20th century — using flavored nicotine products to attract youthful clientele, and advertisements that depict smokers as “young adults who live a hip, urbane, glamorous, care-free lifestyle surrounded by friends.”   

Leslie O’Leary, Imani’s attorney, told the Daily Emerald “I would be surprised if the attorneys general didn’t jump into the fray because now there’s a public health crisis in every single state because of this thing.”   

By Brandon Urey