Valley Burlesque Brings Art, Theater, & Body Positivity

2 Towns Tap Room Takeover, Nov 23

Corvallis’ very own vaudeville performance troupe, Tart of the Valley Burlesque, is gearing up for their special 2 Towns Ciderhouse debut on Saturday, November 23, where the group will host a “Tarts Take the Tap Room” event starting at 7 p.m.

A resident company of the Majestic Theatre, Tart of the Valley hosts two events at the Majestic each year, plus performances at Whiteside Theatre and 2 Towns Ciderhouse. Each show incorporates a unique theme, such as the recent Fairytale Frolic or band-homage, Panic at the Disco.

“Burlesque is [a] theatrical, satirical, sometimes political, striptease. It can be anything from comedy to drama, using any kind of dance, movement or performance style,” says Tart of the Valley’s Starena Sparktacular.

More than just entertainment, Tart of the Valley aims to create safe and empowering spaces for performers and audience members alike – one that is inclusive, fun, and celebrates human sexuality.

Burlesque “celebrates the human body,” says Sparktacular, without barriers based on race, gender identity, sexuality, physique, or age.

“We are all perfect body types,” adds member Rosey Posey. “Such a wonderful, delicious variety of the human form! We need to celebrate every aspect of it, not just the media’s packaged presentation of what a person ought to look like. No one deserves to be put into a box or a category; We each are so much more than that.”

“More than just dancing,” Posey says, “a lot of our acts have stories and themes and we don’t expose any of our genitals or do private dances.”

While critics of the art form call it objectifying or anti-feminist in nature, Sparktacular asserts that burlesque “empowers and strengthens. From attendees to performers, seeing bodies in positive ways, being accepted for who they are – that is a positive life experience that everyone deserves to have. Channeling challenges, joys, dreams, creativity, and forming it into a meaning that translates through dance and live performance is art.”

To support our local burlesque community, Tart of the Valley requests that people simply attend their shows. Posey also highlights the importance of consent during shows, adding, “Always ask permission to touch, and never be offensive.”

For more information, visit Tart of the Valley’s Facebook page, @tartofthevalley. Attend their next show at the 2 Towns Ciderhouse Taproom on November 23 — doors open at 6:30 pm, the fun begins at 7 pm. Want to get involved? The group suggests chatting with them after a show.

By Cara Nixon

Photos: “Tart of the Valley Troupe Performers,” “Starena Sparktacular,” “Rosey Posey,” “Schatziebabe A’Licious,” “Petunia Rufflebottom”

Photos courtesy of Tart of the Valley Facebook page with Starena Sparktacular’s permission (public photos).

Tart of the Valley: Starena Sparktacular, Rosey Posey, Schatziebabe A’Licious, & Petunia Rufflebottom Mistress of Ceremonies.

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