Upcoming Holocaust Remembrance Events at OSU 

Reflections on the Holocaust with Stephen Nasser — April 29, 7:30 PM at LaSells Stewart Center, Austin Auditorium 

Public speaker, author, and Holocaust survivor, Stephen “Pista” Nasser, will speak about his personal experience living in the Auschwitz and Muhldorf internment camps. Nasser was only thirteen when he was expelled out of his home and into Auschwitz, and is the only survivor of his family. There will be a signing of his book My Brother’s Voice, about his late brother who pushed him to educate others on the Holocaust, following the event. Tickets are free on the OSU website, but going fast.  

 From Persecution to Annihilation: Hitler’s Decision to Proceed with the Final Solution with Christopher Browning — April 30, 7:30 PM at Milam Auditorium 

 Join Christopher Browning, a historian and professor from the University of North Carolina who specializes in Holocaust education, as he gives a public talk on the history and importance of remembering the horrifying events of the 1940s. As the author of more than a dozen Holocaust books, Browning is an informed and experienced scholar on this topic. The event is free and open to all who wish to attend.  

 The Nazi Genocide of Roma with Carol Silverman — May 1, 7:30 PM at the Memorial Union, Multipurpose Room 13 

 Carol Silverman, a professor of Anthropology at the U. of O will speak about another side of the heinous acts performed by Nazis with a focus on Romani society and culture. Silverman will be giving a talk about the genocide or “Porrajmos” (“the devouring”) of the Romani people of Europe by Nazis. She will expanding on the topic of the persecution of Romani peoples over time. Admission for the event is free and open for all.  

 Weaponizing Hatred: What, if Anything, can be done to Reduce the Flow of Hate Speech? With OSU Faculty — May 2, 7:30 PM at the Memorial Union, Room 109 

 A panel discussion on the subject of present-day hate speech will be given by three OSU professors: Katherine Hubler, William E. Loges, and Daniel Faltesek. Specifically, the faculty will be discussing how mass media has and continues to demonize Jews, often on social media sites like Twitter. This event is also free and open to the public.  

 Dehumanizing and Demonizing the Other with a Student Panel — May 6, 4:30 PM, location is to be determined. 

 OSU will be providing student perspectives on present-day demonization of marginalized groups. Location and details are to be determined, but information can be found when it becomes available on the Holocaust Memorial Program page on the OSU website. https://holocaust.oregonstate.edu

By Cara Nixon