These are Oregon’s 50 Highest Paid State Employees

The Portland Business Journal has released a list of the 53 highest paid employees of the state of Oregon’s executive branch. While there are over 3,000 six figure earners, only 90 exceed $200,000 annually, with a mere seven over $300,000.

All of the top seven come from the Oregon State Treasury, with salaries ranging from $305,900 to $452,000 per year. These high-rollers are almost exclusively investment officers, responsible for investing tax dollars for maximum returns. Nevertheless, the Treasury only makes up 3% of the executive branch’s six figure wages, due to its small size.

Meanwhile, a whopping 40 of the 53 are medical professionals. The highest earners work for the Department of Corrections, the only members of the top ten outside of the Treasury, earning a cool $277,500 annually. That being said, half of the top 50 work for for the Oregon Health Authority, with salaries from $242,800 to $252,400. The two departments account for 7.7% and 18.6% of the executive branch’s six figure earners, respectively. The Oregon Medical Board and the Oregon Youth Authority both have one member on the list, each earning $251,700 annually.

Such generous salaries are intended to keep government positions competitive with the private sector, as medical and investment experts are highly valued occupations. For perspective, Governor Brown only makes $98,600 annually, Attorney General Rosenblum is paid $82,200, and State Treasurer Tobias Read, the head of the highest paid agency, receives a mere $72,000.

By Brandon Urey