A beginning.

It could be said Studio Beatrice started as an offhand comment between artists and friends on their way to yoga class. It so happened the friends were Beatice Rubenfeld and Earl Newman.

Beatrice is a longtime local artist and director of the local artists’ cooperative, Art in the Valley. Earl, among his many storied accomplishments, is known for 57 years of designing posters for the Monterey Jazz Festival.

But, even before that conversation, Beatrice had envisioned a gallery, though it was something she had never quite got to, with all of life’s ebb and flow. But then, having moved from an old family home in the heart of Corvallis, making that space available, the stars just sort of aligned, and the result is unique to the area.

Still, in the end, it really took encouragement from longtime friend Kathi Downing, who said as she was driving Beatrice and Earl to yoga, “just do it.”

Art, and space.

Housed in a lovingly maintained canary yellow 1907 bungalow on 6th Street, the original bones and finishes of this old family home make for a magical medium in which to view various artists work. And because of Beatrice’s years in the arts community, and relationships with many artists, Studio Beatrice is always a must see. With all its spaces now dedicated to art, the patina of friends and comfort seem to slow one down for a warm viewing experience in this vintage home.

Studio Beatrice

  • 230 NW 6th Street, Corvallis
  • Open 11-2 on Fridays, and by appointment
  • (541) 456-4971