Storytelling Night, This Thursday

Spring beckons the imagery of flowers, showers, and sunlight — surface stuff and greenery that liquifies our winter stiffness. But little do we think about what’s happening under the topsoil, where roots are slugging water and mineral salts in order to grow new tissue. Like plants, we can trace our roots and lifelines from our origins to our outward growth. In yogi terminology, “root to rise” instructs us to grow from a solid foundation, planted steadily into the Earth.

Come share the story of your roots Thursday, March 21, at DeMaggio’s Pizza, and join The Advocate as we celebrate the start of Spring. Participants are encouraged to get creative with the theme (which changes each month); Take it literally, figuratively, or wherever your mind wanders. As always, Storytelling Night is a judgement-free zone meant to foster community connection. All stories must be true, while length depends on the amount of participants. Slots are available to those wishing to sign-up early. To sign-up, contact 

Storytelling Night happens every third Thursday of the month at DeMaggio’s Pizza in downtown Corvallis, from 7 to 9 p.m. Sign-up starts at 6:30. $5 suggested donation. All proceeds to independent journalists at Corvallis’ only locally owned newspaper, The Corvallis Advocate.