Storytelling Night: Someone Else’s Shoes

It’s happened to you. Somewhere, at some point in time, you’ve slipped your brain cage and found yourself seeing things through someone else’s eyes. Perhaps when you were abroad in a foreign city, or perhaps during a vivid exchange with someone “other” than you. Perhaps you spent an entire day thinking about what life would be like as Spike, the family fish. Let’s go so far as to say you’ve projected yourself unto planet Earth herself. 

Our shared perspectives form the bridges of understanding. Valuing the experiences of others creates compassion where there would otherwise be oppressive assumption or disinterest. Learning to cherish the lives and perspectives of those who were and continue to be alienated throughout history-—women, African Americans, Native Americans, migrants, the LGBTQ community, jewish individuals—has taught us to be more equitable in thought and action. The Corvallis Advocate welcomes you to share your story of the time you slipped on someone (or something) else’s shoes Thursday, February 21, at DeMaggio’s pizza, from 7-9 p.m.

All that matters is that stories are real and that we keep a vibe of social safety and compassion. There are a handful of slots open to those wishing to sign up early. Email to pre-register or get added to our subscription list for event reminders. 

Storytelling Night happens every third Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at DeMaggio’s Pizza. Sign-up starts at 6:45 p.m. Suggested donation of $5. Proceeds benefit independent journalists at Corvallis’ only locally-owned newspaper. Every age, race, ethnicity, class, gender or non-gender, and sexual orientation welcome.

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