State Will Review Hollingsworth & Vose Pollution Impacts

Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality has confirmed it will target Hollingsworth & Vose Fiber Company for review of toxic emissions this year. The company is located in South Corvallis.

The DEQ has identified 350 companies for in-depth review, and is hoping to analyze about 20 yearly. H&G was selected as one of the first facilities to be reviewed because of its estimated amounts of emissions and proximity to people, including vulnerable populations.

These reviews are part of a new program regulating toxic emissions, Cleaner Air Oregon. If emissions from a facility are determined to pose a risk to human health, the DEQ could revise its air quality permit.

First Sites Set for Review

  • AmeriTies West, LLC (The Dalles)
  • Boise Packaging & Newsprint, L.L.C. (Salem)
  • Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc. (McMinnville)
  • Chemical Waste Management of the Northwest, Inc. (Arlington)
  • Collins Pine Company (Lakeview)
  • Columbia Steel Casting Co Inc. (Portland)
  • Covanta Marion, Inc. (Brooks)
  • Eagle Foundry Co. (Eagle Creek)
  • Ecolube Recovery LLC (Portland)
  • Entek International LLC (Lebanon)
  • Georgia-Pacific Toledo LLC (Toledo)
  • Hollingsworth & Vose Fiber Company (Corvallis)
  • Oil Re-Refining Company (Klamath Falls)
  • Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. (Portland)
  • PCC Structurals, Inc. (Portland)
  • PCC Structurals, Inc. (Clackamas)
  • Roseburg Forest Products Co (Medford)
  • Hydro Extrusion Portland, Inc. (Portland)
  • Stimson Lumber Company (Gaston)
  • Wolf Steel Foundry, Inc. (Hubbard)