State Population Continues to Grow, May Earn Another Congressional Seat

Portland State University has released the preliminary estimates for their annual Oregon Population Report. Since July 2018, the state’s population has increased by one percent, or 41,000 people, raising the total population to over 4.2 million.  

In an accompanying press release, PSU stated that Oregon has experienced an overall growth of 400,000 residents over the past decade. That number may be significant come the 2020 census, as experts have projected that the state could gain another seat in the House of Representatives.  

The Numbers 

According to the Population Research Center at PSU, the majority of this year’s new residents came from out of state, roughly 35,000 in all. However, this actually represents a lower net migration than the previous two years, which PSU attributes to a “slowdown in employment growth.” Meanwhile, local births only managed to outnumber deaths by about 6,000.   

The bulk of the new population can be found in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties, boasting a combined total of 18,000 new residents, almost half of whom are in Portland. Salem had the second highest city growth at 1,200, out of an overall increase of 3,700 in Marion County. Lane County went up by 3,800, of which a respectable 1,500 went to Eugene. On the other hand, Benton County and Corvallis both decreased in population slightly, 770 and 335 respectively.  

Certified estimates will be released by PSU on December 15.   

By Brandon Urey