Shocking PETA Billboards Coming to OSU

In response to fires in the Amazon rainforest, PETA has announced it plans on targeting Oregon State University with a new billboard campaign.

This billboard illustrates the issue by showing a cow attacking a red macaw against a backdrop of flames. It then shows the words “Eating Meat Kills More Animals Than You Think.” The ad explains, “Ranchers set fires in the Amazon rainforest to graze cattle and grow crops to feed them. Go vegan.”

Furthermore, PETA plans to run the ad in Washington DC, Los Angeles, the sister cities of Brasilia and Salvador, and other cities as well.

This billboard comes as a backlash to the statistic that 90% of the Amazon rainforest that’s been cleared since 1970 is for meat production. This means that the area is either used for growing food for or grazing cattle. The land is used for the United States market.

PETA’s alternative to the deforestation of the Amazon is a reduction in individual carbon footprints by way of going vegan, claiming that for each person that stops eating meat, at least 200 animals lives are saved per year.

“The demand for meat in the U.S. and around the world is the cause of the deadly fires that are robbing humans and other animals of their rainforest homes and delivering global climate change,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “People can decry the devastation all day long, but as long as they have meat in their mouths instead of going vegan, they might as well whistle into the wind.”

By Mariah Price