Sen. Gelser to Host Roundtables on Sweeping Zoning Bill, HB 2001

Senator Sara Gelser of District 8 will be hosting a pair of roundtable discussions on the impact of Oregon House Bill 2001. Gelser says that the meetings are “designed to facilitate dialogue between local officials and the state agency. I believe we are the first community in the state to initiate this process.” 

HB 2001 requires cities with a population greater than 10,000 to allow duplexes in lands zoned for single-family dwellings, to create more opportunities for the construction of multi-family housing. “HB 2001 is a monumental bill that people either love or fear,” says Gelser. “It is important to break through myths about the bill and help communities understand both the reach and the limits of the new law.” 

The senator says that the rules developed for HB 2001’s implementation will have a significant impact on local communities’ ability to make regulations for everything from historic districts to parking to multi-family home sites. She is determined to get local officials a seat at the center of the rulemaking table. “Our planners and elected officials understand the unique needs of our communities and the challenges of implementing HB 2001.  Their voices are integral to the development of rules that will ensure HB 2001 results in more diverse, livable communities with adequate infrastructure to support all who live there.”  

Gelser will be joined by Kevin Young, a senior urban planner at the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. Young will explain the rulemaking process, cover some frequently asked questions about HB 2001, and offer clarifications to common misconceptions about the legislation. The bulk of the evening will be reserved for discussion between Young and local officials and planners.   

Although participation in the roundtable is by invitation only, the discussion is open to observation by members of the public, with 15 minutes for public comment. Gelser says that “There will be future forums with a more public focus to allow the diverse opinions from our communities to be heard.”  

Two forums are scheduled: 

Benton County HB 2001 Roundtable 

Corvallis City Council Chambers (Downtown Fire station) 

400 NW Harrison Street, Corvallis 

Monday, October 28, 7-8:30pm 

Albany HB 2001 Roundtable 

New Albany Fire Station,  

611 SE Lyon Street, Albany 

Tuesday, November 12, 7-8:30pm