School District Disavows Board Member Fortson’s Anti-Police Tweet

Corvallis School District Board  member Brandy Fortson is under fire after tweeting, “Hey kids, remember all cops are bastards.” Fortson tweeted the remark late Thursday morning, and by Friday morning, the school district posted on Facebook, distancing itself from the first term board member.

Fortson ran unopposed earlier this year, stating occupational experience that included Precinct Committee person for Benton County Democrats and Co-chair/event planner for Heart of the Valley Democratic Socialists of America.

One longtime political observer within the local Democratic party said Fortson should anticipate a recall campaign. Otherwise, Fortson’s term is set to expire in June of 2023.

The School Board Chair, Vice-Chair and Superintendent signed the Friday morning post on the District’s Facebook page condemning Fortson’s tweet.

District Response to School Board Member Tweet:

We have been made aware of the recent tweet on School Board member Brandy Fortson’s personal Twitter account. School Board members are elected by the voters according to the laws of the State of Oregon; they are not employees of the District. Board Members are expected to conduct themselves with appropriate deference to the position to which they were elected.

The comments made by Director Fortson are not in alignment with the guiding principles set by the Board and do not represent the School District nor the School Board. As individuals, Board members have no authority to speak on behalf of the Board or District nor to represent them. That authority comes only through official Board action in a public meeting. Such authority was not granted Director Fortson.

The Corvallis School District and Corvallis School Board are committed to safe and welcoming schools. Public safety officers play an important role in maintaining the safety of our schools, students, and community.

Board Chair Sami Al-AbdRabbuh
Vice-Chair Sarah Finger McDonald
Superintendent Ryan Noss

Fortson did not respond to the Advocate’s request for comment.

By Andy Thompson and Brandon Urey