School Board To Study Redrawing School Boundaries

At a meeting of the Corvallis School Board on Thursday, May 9, Corvallis School District Superintendent Ryan Noss announced the District’s plans to contract a consulting firm in the fall to study Corvallis’ school boundaries. 

A memo from Noss states the District’s goals are to assess whether their resources are being distributed effectively in terms of space and staffing, and making sure Corvallis students are distributed evenly so Corvallis schools are all “at or below capacity.” 

The memo also implies that “District staff, school administration, and parents representing each school,” will be involved in the process at some level. An assessment of the school boundaries has not been completed in over ten years. 

The District plans to hire the outside consulting firm this summer to “facilitate” the study, stating there are several options available in Oregon. 

Corvallis students, parents and teachers won’t see any tangible changes until at least the 2020-21 school year. Superintendent Noss plans to give a detailed presentation on the District’s plans to the Board in the fall. 

By Ian MacRonald