Scenic Trails for All Abilities

Jackson-Frazier Wetland

Corvallis is known for its unforgettable views: rolling green foothills, meandering rivers, vast fields of wild flowers, and lush forests. There’s something here for every adventurer to uncover, and Corvallisites have been gifted with a bountiful selection of accessible trails, granting easy access to the outdoors. Venturing out into nature to smell the sweet aroma of local foliage and to feel the sun on your skin has incredible health benefits, including better blood pressure and eyesight, as well as decreased stress, anxiety, and risk of cancer – to name a few. These benefits shouldn’t be reserved just for people without disabilities, but inclusive to everyone. 

Here’s a list of the most scenic accessible trails:

Jackson Frazier Wetland
3600 NE Lancaster Street, Corvallis
Length: 2/3 mile
Terrain: Boardwalk

Venture into an untouched realm where dense foliage looms overhead and small ponds teem with life below. This boardwalk loop was built on top of a wetland and features multiple scenic outlooks, wheelchair turnarounds, and informational boards that offer fascinating insight into the Jackson Frazier Wetland. Come sit on a bench and count each bird call, watch Cattails bob in the wind, and listen for the American Bullfrog’s deep bellow.

Willamette River Trail

Willamette River Trail
1350 SE Goodnight Ave, Corvallis
Length: 2.6 miles
Terrain: Asphalt

Follow along the Willamette River and enjoy bird songs, children’s laughter, and the steady sound of the running river. Inside Willamette Park, the trail runs adjacent to baseball diamonds, soccer fields, disc golf, a covered pavilion, water-dock access, and accessible bathrooms. Whether it’s a day dedicated to the whole family, or simply an evening stroll, the Willamette River Trail is waiting to be explored.

E.E Wilson Wildlife Area
29555 Camp Adair Rd, Monmouth
Length: 3.2 miles
Terrain: Pavement and Gravel

E.E Wilson is the ultimate wildlife area spanning 1,788 acres of grassland and wetland/riparian ecosystems. The area offers hunting, fishing, archery, a gun range, and hiking trails. A grid of paved and gravel trails makes maneuvering this wildlife area accessible to wheelchairs and horseback riding. Watch for American Bald Eagles, Great Horned Owls, Great Blue Herons, Beavers, and Roosevelt Elk. A $10 day-pass or $30 annual pass is required for parking.

Talking Water Gardens
577 Waverly Dr NE, Albany
Length: 1.5 miles
Terrain: Gravel

Talking Water Gardens is a water treatment facility manufactured to cool treated waste water through a series of wetland pools. A hidden gem of Albany, the Gardens feature waterfalls and duckweed covered ponds. Visitors can expect close encounters with great blue herons, ducks, turtles, otters, tiger swallowtail butterflies, and bald eagles. Overflowing with activity, these wetlands speak their own melodic tune.

Bald Hill

Bald Hill
6460 NW Oak Creek Dr., Corvallis
Length: 3.6 Miles
Terrain: Paved

Bald Hill is a popular destination spot year-round for its gorgeous views and wildlife viewing. Be on the lookout for the golden-crowned sparrow, spotted towhee, black-headed grosbeak, thimbleberry, western columbine, and candy flower. Though more moderate in difficulty level than the others on this list, Bald Hill remains a perfect spot for dog-walking, a family day out, or a simple mindful walk.

By Olivia Cartwright