Republicans Join Democrats on Gun Control Bill

Seven Republicans in the Oregon House crossed the aisle to vote yes on House Bill 2013 (HB 2013), which would  create an enforcement mechanism for a bill passed last year to close the “boyfriend loophole.” This allows law enforcement to remove firearms from violent domestic abusers and stalkers. 

 HB 2013 provides a legal infrastructure for the courts to order the relinquishment of firearms from domestic abusers, and imposes penalties for non-compliance, including a year in jail and a $6,250 fine. 

Republicans voting for the bill included Reps. Denyc Boles of Salem, Rick Lewis of Silverton, and Ron Noble of McMinnville. Local Republican Reps. Shelly Boshart Davis of Albany and Mike Nearman of Independence both voted against. 

“[HB 2013] simply affords a way for weapons to no longer be in the hands of those who cannot have them,” said Rep. Noble.   

HB 2013 now heads to the Oregon Senate for approval. 

By Jay Sharpe