Rayfield Announces Run for 4th Term as State Rep.

Representative Dan Rayfield, a Democrat, announced yesterday that he was running for re-election.   

“Last session we made a historic $2 billion investment in K-12 education and guaranteed that 

vulnerable Oregonians will have access to healthcare for years to come,” Rayfield said in a release. “While these accomplishments are historic, we have yet to pass meaningful climate change legislation, we still need to lessen the impact of wealth inequality in our society, and we have a housing crisis that is affecting communities across Oregon. Representing our community to find solutions to these systemic problems is why am I am running again to serve Corvallis and Philomath.”  

Rayfield believes he’s has made progress on reforming the state’s campaign finance laws over the last year, passing policies that include campaign advertisement disclosure, exposing dark money, and a constitutional amendment to allow for stronger regulations on campaign finance activities.  

He also serves as the co-chair of the Joint Ways and Means Committee, acting as the chief budget writer for the Oregon House. If re-elected, 2020 will mark Rayfield’s fourth term as the state representative for Oregon House District 16, which includes the communities of Corvallis and Philomath.